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Sheffschefs is a guide to Sheffield's top restaurants, for those who love good food, wining and dining and enjoy a gourmet night out. It is the starting point for a great night out at a Sheffield restaurant, with restaurant details and reviews to help with those difficult decisions! Only a few years ago, Sheffield had very few top-notch restaurants, but now trends have changed and the number of restaurants has boomed. Sheffield has gone from having one Thai restaurant to four or more and from one Wine Bar to .... well, too many to count . Ten years ago you could walk along Ecclesall Road and West Street and pass no more than a couple of takeaways and a burger bar. Good restaurants are now scattered the length of these roads and throughout the city too. We even have Sheffield restaurants with Michelin Star status.
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No longer do you have to keep a mental note of anything you read in a newspaper or see advertised, as Sheffschefs brings you all the latest information on restaurants in Sheffield at the click of a mouse. So, the next time you see an advert about a new restaurant opening in a converted bank/building society/estate agent (that'll be the day!) the chances are that we will have too and it will be logged for your convenience. Sheffield restaurateurs are welcome to contact us at any time if we miss a new opening and we'll gladly include details in the Sheffschefs restaurant directory. So, don't be content with going down to your local if all you get is something that's jumped out of the freezer and into the fryer - be adventurous and try somewhere new tonight!
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You'll never be able to eat a meal on-line, but you can now book a restaurant on-line! Sheffschefs have an excellent on-line booking facility for thousands of UK restaurants.
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